Due to weather concerns, the project at Mount Moriah has been postponed. Our project at the Chester Park Nature Trail is still ongoing. Stay tuned for updates.

Lodge Officers

Positon Name Email
Lodge Chief Liam Lynch liam.lynch@unamilodge.org
First Vice Chief Terence "T.K." Lindsay terence.lindsay@unamilodge.org
Second Vice Chief Zach Kline zachary.kline@unamilodge.org
Secretary Skye Kramer skye.kramer@unamilodge.org
Treasurer Paul Siminuk paul.siminuk@unamilodge.org
Lodge Adviser Craig Cless craig.cless@unamilodge.org
Associate Lodge Adviser Todge Sutkowski todge.sutkowski@unamilodge.org
Associate Lodge Adviser Fred Lynch fred.lynch@unamilodge.org
Associate Lodge Adviser Paul Dallatore paul.dallatore@unamilodge.org
Finance Adviser Gregg Slocum gregg.slocum@unamilodge.org
Lodge Staff Adviser John Bickel staffadviser@unamilodge.org
Supreme Chief of the Fire Daniel Templar supremechief@unamilodge.org