Meet Our 2023 Lodge Officers

October 27, 2022

At this past Fall Fellowship our members chose who they wish to represent them and our Lodge in 2023. Join us in giving these Arrowmen congratulations. They are all looking forward to serving our lodge along all of our members.

Liam Lynch is an Eagle Scout and Vigil member of Unami, One, and is about to succeed his brother as Lodge Chief. Liam has received the Chuck Benshetler Spirit of Camp Leadership Award, and has served as Camp Promotions Chair, chapter officer, and Lodge Vice Chief.

Terence Lindsay is a Brotherhood member of Unami, One and will be serving as the 2023 Lodge First Vice Chief. Terence continues his dedicated efforts to our Lodge from his previous work as Lodge Operations and Brotherhood Chairman.

Zach Kline is an Eagle Scout and Brotherhood member of Unami, One and will be serving as 2023 Lodge Second Vice Chief. Zach has served multiple roles on the Ordeal Committee as well as Chief of General Nash Chapter. Zach is a proud Fall Fest Volunteer as well as a ceremonialist.

Skye Kramer is a Brotherhood member of Unami Lodge and will serve as our 2023 Lodge Secretary. Skye has served as a chapter officer, and chaired the Camp Promotions Committee this past year. Skye is an NYLT staffer as well as a Fall Fest Volunteer.

Paul Siminuk is a Life Scout and Brotherhood member of our Lodge and will be serving as the 2023 Lodge Treasurer. Paul has served as a chapter officer, and joined the Resica Falls Camp Staff as a faithful OA Ceremonies volunteer.

These officers will be inducted to their positions at the 107th Annual Lodge Dinner, January 7, 2023. Stay tuned at for when registration becomes available.

A Letter from The Chief Elect

Dear Unami Lodge,

I am so honored to be your next chief! As stated in my speech, I am ready to take the next step in serving the lodge. I want to congratulate all of the new officers. For those that did win their elected position, I still want you to serve the lodge by being on the LEC. We still need you!

Right now, I am at Fort Benning, Georgia attending Army Basic training. I will be home in December to serve the lodge. I want all members to know that I am committed to serving this lodge. The officers and I have already started working to get out agenda up and running for the 23rd lodge year.

I will be honest and say that I miss the lodge and all the events. And YES, I miss the hours of LEC discussions!!! I will be home soon to enjoy you all and the lodge again.

Looking towards the future, I am looking to expand our lodge in membership, fellowship and building upon the bonds of brotherhood. Arrowmen, I want you all to know that YOU belong in our lodge and just you being a part of the lodge, helps make it the great lodge that it is. Let us bring back our bothers who have drifted away and bring them back to our lodge family.

We are a strong and powerful lodge, but we can always become stronger.

Yours in scouting,

Liam Lynch
2023 Lodge Chief