The Dave Fortunato Outstanding Service Award

The Dave Fortunato Outstanding Service Award was established by the Lodge Executive Committee in the fall of 1996. Dave was a long-time Scouter in the Valley Forge Council, an active campmaster, chapter adviser, and lodge adviser of Delmont Lodge #43. Following the merger of Unami 1 with Delmont Lodge, Dave was chosen as the first lodge adviser of the new lodge. Unfortunately, this Vigil Honor member and Founder’s Award recipient passed away on September 27, 1996. As someone who believed firmly in living by the Scout Oath and Law, and who abided by the Obligation in his daily life, Dave saw great promise in the new Unami Lodge, One.

Originally presented to youth and adult arrowmen alike, beginning in 2010 the Fortunato Award is presented to solely adult arrowmen. These individuals serve their lodge, Unami, One, to an outstanding degree. Unselfish service and an exemplary performance of one’s role in the lodge are the main factors considered by the selection committee.

Year Name Youth/Adult
2023 Rhys Wallace Adult
2023 Ian Truscott Adult
2023 Jerry Reed Adult
2023 Paul Bowman Adult
2022 Ethan "Nudge" Youse Adult
2022 Ann Perrone Adult
2022 Chris Nagele Adult
2022 Scott Mann Adult
2021 Frederick Lynch Adult
2021 Thomas Luke Adult
2021 Matthew Gutterman Adult
2021 Heather Filer Adult
2020 C. Brett Montich Adult
2019 Edward Rigler Adult
2019 George Lipchock Sr. Adult
2019 Theodore “Todge” Sutkowski Adult
2019 David Gibbons Adult
2018 Nicholas J. McKee Adult
2018 Brian Lewis Adult
2018 Craig Cless Adult
2018 Robert "Bobby" Burkhart Adult
2017 David King Adult
2017 Paul Dallatore Adult
2017 James Cooke Adult
2016 Dr. Gerald Messerschmidt Adult
2016 James Burkhart Adult
2016 Charles "Chuck" Bolger Adult
2016 Larry Arinsberg Adult
2015 Frances Rigler Adult
2015 Robert Deck Jr. Adult
2015 Matthew J. McGovern Adult
2015 Lee J. Faden Adult
2014 Brian Texter Adult
2014 Donald Potts Sr. Adult
2014 Steven T. Mach Adult
2014 Dennis Abernethy Adult
2013 Jason Scardecchio Adult
2013 Ernie Scardecchio Adult
2013 Brett David Adult
2012 John "Jack" McLaughlin Jr. Adult
2012 Christian F. Brenner Adult
2012 Michael A. Birkbeck Adult
2011 Gregg Y. Slocum Adult
2011 Timothy English Sr. Adult
2011 Michael G. Comfort Adult
2011 James Baker Sr. Adult
2010 Joseph "Jay" Tittermary Adult
2010 Ronald Pleis Adult
2010 Edward J. Lester Jr. Adult
2010 Jeffrey A Aster Adult
2009 Paul Jonas Adult
2009 Kyle R. Hallowell Youth
2009 Jeremy Slocum Youth
2008 Michael McGoldrick Adult
2008 Brian "Skip" Burkhardt Adult
2008 David DeLong Youth
2007 Steven A. Ranjo Adult
2007 Curtis Parker Adult
2007 Todd Malora Adult
2007 Glen Clark Adult
2007 William Ryales Youth
2007 David Parillo Youth
2007 Brendan Fulmer Youth
2006 Robert Ostrowski Adult
2006 Warren Marley Adult
2006 Charles "Chuck" Brill Adult
2006 Donald Blank Adult
2006 Thomas Richards Youth
2006 Christopher Kulp Youth
2006 William David Youth
2005 Michael J. Coyne Adult
2005 James L. Clark Adult
2005 Kyle Pleis Youth
2005 Brian Johnson Youth
2005 David Bradley Youth
2004 Craig "Chuck" Tomlin Adult
2004 Dr. David H. Sirken Adult
2004 Lawrence Neibauer Adult
2004 David E. Schaub Youth
2004 A.J. Hite Youth
2003 Scott Rubin Adult
2003 Mark Chilutti Adult
2003 Harry Fetterolf Adult
2003 Greg Heleniak Youth
2003 John Bickel Youth
2002 Rich Otto Adult
2002 Frank Barger Adult
2002 Mike Laganella Youth
2002 Bob Farrant Youth
2001 Steven Zaretsky Adult
2001 Ken Nygard Adult
2001 Tommy Smith Adult
2001 Bill Palmer Jr. Youth
2001 Randall Blank Youth
2001 Michael P. Hilferty Youth
2000 Lambert Liebel Jr. Adult
2000 James Price Youth
2000 Shane Magargal Youth
2000 Edward T. Clifford III Youth
1999 Jason Nasino Adult
1999 Richard Hefner Youth
1999 Joseph Brooke Adult
1999 Joseph Alessi Adult
1997-1998 George Warren III Youth
1997-1998 Trevor Smith Youth
1997-1998 Matthew Pendergast Youth
1997-1998 Matthew McGill Youth
1997-1998 Michael P. Kelly Youth
1997-1998 Christian Grandzol Youth