Due to weather concerns, the project at Mount Moriah has been postponed. Our project at the Chester Park Nature Trail is still ongoing. Stay tuned for updates.

Lodge Executive Committee


Positon Name Email
Lodge Chief Liam Lynch liam.lynch@unamilodge.org
First Vice Chief Terence "T.K." Lindsay terence.lindsay@unamilodge.org
Second Vice Chief Zach Kline zachary.kline@unamilodge.org
Secretary Skye Kramer skye.kramer@unamilodge.org
Treasurer Paul Siminuk paul.siminuk@unamilodge.org
Lodge Adviser Craig Cless craig.cless@unamilodge.org
Associate Lodge Adviser Todge Sutkowski todge.sutkowski@unamilodge.org
Associate Lodge Adviser Fred Lynch fred.lynch@unamilodge.org
Associate Lodge Adviser Paul Dallatore paul.dallatore@unamilodge.org
Finance Adviser Gregg Slocum gregg.slocum@unamilodge.org
Lodge Staff Adviser John Bickel staffadviser@unamilodge.org
Supreme Chief of the Fire Daniel Templar supremechief@unamilodge.org

Advisory Board

Positon Name Email
Immediate Past Chief Patrick Lynch patrick.lynch@unamilodge.org
Strategic Plan Chair Vacant @unamilodge.org
LodgeMaster Administrator Lawrence (Larry) Neibauer larry.neibauer@unamilodge.org
Memorabilia Show Chair Aidan Sutkowski aidan.sutkowski@unamilodge.org
Memorabilia Adviser Paul Bowman paul.bowman@unamilodge.org
Memorabilia Assoc. Adviser Rhys Wallace rhys.wallace@unamilodge.org
Medical Records Chair Ethan Mitchell ethan.mitchell@unamilodge.org
Medical Records Adviser Lee Faden lfaden@unamilodge.org
Conclave Chair Angel Sims conclave@unamilodge.org
Conclave Adviser Thomas Luke conclave@unamilodge.org
Conclave Assoc. Adviser Lawrence Neibauer conclave@unamilodge.org


Positon Name Email
Ordeal Co-Chair Alex Braun ordeal@unamilodge.org
Ordeal Co-Chair Tristan Hunter ordeal@unamilodge.org
Ordeal Adviser PJ Weidman ordeal@unamilodge.org
Ordeal Assoc. Adviser Phil Weidman ordeal@unamilodge.org
Ordeal Assoc. Adviser Todd Malora ordeal@unamilodge.org
Ordeal Assoc. Adviser Felicia Menna ordeal@unamilodge.org
Brotherhood Chair Luke Smallberger brotherhood@unamilodge.org
Brotherhood Vice-Chair Griffen O'Brien brotherhood@unamilodge.org
Brotherhood Adviser Brian Lewis brotherhood@unamilodge.org
Brotherhood Assoc. Adviser Fred Lynch brotherhood@unamilodge.org
Ceremonies Chair Noah Goldberg ceremonies@unamilodge.org
Ceremonies Vice-Chair Andrew Smallberger ceremonies@unamilodge.org
Ceremonies Adviser Matt Horan ceremonies@unamilodge.org
Ceremonies Assoc. Adviser Scott Mann ceremonies@unamilodge.org
Unit Elections Chair Nathan Schooler unitelections@unamilodge.org
Unit Elections Vice-Chair Zarrina Damavandi unitelections@unamilodge.org
Unit Elections Adviser Matt Gutterman unitelections@unamilodge.org
Unit Elections Assoc. Adviser Vacant unitelections@unamilodge.org
Membership Chair Katherine Schaffer membership@unamilodge.org
Membership Vice-Chair Emmie Menna membership@unamilodge.org
Membership Adviser Jerry Reed membership@unamilodge.org
Membership Assoc. Adviser Michaela Donnelly membership@unamilodge.org
Membership Assoc. Adviser Lee Faden membership@unamilodge.org
Events Chair Mara Strauss events@unamilodge.org
Events Vice-Chair Sarah Heath events@unamilodge.org
Events Adviser Heather Filer events@unamilodge.org
Events Assoc. Adviser Robert Deck events@unamilodge.org
Events Assoc. Adviser Alicia Tryon events@unamilodge.org
Service Chair Dan McDougald service@unamilodge.org
Service Vice-Chair John Hegarty service@unamilodge.org
Service Co-Adviser Robert Burkhart service@unamilodge.org
Service Co-Adviser Ethan "Nudge" Youse service@unamilodge.org
Camp Promotions Chair Anton Meyer camppromotions@unamilodge.org
Camp Promotions Vice-Chair Jules Flanagan camppromotions@unamilodge.org
Camp Promotions Adviser Meghan Luke camppromotions@unamilodge.org
Camp Promotions Assoc. Adviser Anthony Glass camppromotions@unamilodge.org
History Chair Aidan Sutkowski history@unamilodge.org
History Vice-Chair Shane Carty history@unamilodge.org
History Adviser Rhys Wallace history@unamilodge.org
History Assoc. Adviser Phil Hittner history@unamilodge.org
History Assoc. Adviser Mike Comfort history@unamilodge.org
American Indian Affairs Chair Jack Ashton aia@unamilodge.org
American Indian Affairs Vice-Chair Andrew Smallberger aia@unamilodge.org
American Indian Affairs Adviser Scott Mann aia@unamilodge.org
American Indian Affairs Assoc. Adviser Matt Horan aia@unamilodge.org
Lodge Operations Chair Martin Stacey lodgeoperations@unamilodge.org
Lodge Operations Vice-Chair Matthew Rouleau lodgeoperations@unamilodge.org
Lodge Operations Adviser Paul Bowman lodgeoperations@unamilodge.org
Lodge Operations Assoc. Adviser Stuart Bowman lodgeoperations@unamilodge.org
Communications Chair Zach Gilinger communications@unamilodge.org
Communications Vice-Chair Vacant communications@unamilodge.org
Communications Adviser David Gibbons communications@unamilodge.org
Communications Assoc. Adviser Zach Cross communications@unamilodge.org
Leadership Development Chair Matt Rouleau leadershipdevelopment@unamilodge.org
Leadership Development Vice-Chair Vacant leadershipdevelopment@unamilodge.org
Leadership Development Adviser Mark Chilutti leadershipdevelopment@unamilodge.org
Leadership Development Assoc. Adviser Luke Clancy leadershipdevelopment@unamilodge.org
Vigil Honor Co-Chair Jason Abiuso vigil@unamilodge.org
Vigil Honor Co-Chair Patrick Lynch vigil@unamilodge.org
Vigil Honor Adviser Brett Montich vigil@unamilodge.org
Vigil Honor Assoc. Adviser Steve Mach vigil@unamilodge.org
Vigil Honor Assoc. Adviser Michael Calliagas vigil@unamilodge.org
Unit Representative Chair Chris Hartley unitrep@unamilodge.org
Unit Representative Vice-Chair Vacant unitrep@unamilodge.org
Unit Representative Adviser Andrew Geer unitrep@unamilodge.org
Unit Representative Assoc. Adviser Larry Arinsberg unitrep@unamilodge.org


Positon Name Email
Baden Powell - Chief Adam Balasko badenpowell@unamilodge.org
Baden Powell - Vice Chief Johnny Marcus badenpowell@unamilodge.org
Baden Powell - Secretary Luke Helferty badenpowell@unamilodge.org
Baden Powell - Adviser Todd Malora badenpowell@unamilodge.org
Baden Powell - Associate Adviser Vacant badenpowell@unamilodge.org
Conestoga - Chief Dom Tomassetti conestoga@unamilodge.org
Conestoga - Vice Chief Matt Rouleau conestoga@unamilodge.org
Conestoga - Secretary Dekota Evans conestoga@unamilodge.org
Conestoga - Adviser Wayne Bickford conestoga@unamilodge.org
Conestoga - Associate Adviser Mikayla Bickford conestoga@unamilodge.org
Constellation - Chief Aidan Sutkowski constellation@unamilodge.org
Constellation - Vice Chief Aidan Curley constellation@unamilodge.org
Constellation - Secretary Christopher Stasen constellation@unamilodge.org
Constellation - Adviser Thomas Luke constellation@unamilodge.org
Constellation - Associate Adviser Mike Pilko constellation@unamilodge.org
Continental - Chief William Gabel continental@unamilodge.org
Continental - Vice Chief Matthew Yankowski continental@unamilodge.org
Continental - Secretary Vacant continental@unamilodge.org
Continental - Adviser Michael Basch continental@unamilodge.org
Continental - Associate Adviser Alicia Tryon continental@unamilodge.org
General Nash - Chief Brayden Liebel generalnash@unamilodge.org
General Nash - Vice Chief Sarah Heath generalnash@unamilodge.org
General Nash - Secretary CJ Hackett generalnash@unamilodge.org
General Nash - Adviser Chris Nagele generalnash@unamilodge.org
General Nash - Associate Adviser Larry Brasch generalnash@unamilodge.org
Lafayette - Chief Colin Darcas lafayette@unamilodge.org
Lafayette - Vice Chief Michael Kawczynski Jr lafayette@unamilodge.org
Lafayette - Secretary Zach Gilinger lafayette@unamilodge.org
Lafayette - Adviser Brian Darcas lafayette@unamilodge.org
Lafayette - Associate Adviser Michael Matusheski lafayette@unamilodge.org
Minquas - Chief Peter Valtos minquas@unamilodge.org
Minquas - Vice Chief Greg Oberholzer minquas@unamilodge.org
Minquas - Secretary Gabe Oberholzer minquas@unamilodge.org
Minquas - Adviser Glenn Campbell minquas@unamilodge.org
Minquas - Associate Adviser Mike Penzone minquas@unamilodge.org
Northern - Chief Vacant northern@unamilodge.org
Northern - Vice Chief Vacant northern@unamilodge.org
Northern - Secretary Vacant northern@unamilodge.org
Northern - Adviser Vacant northern@unamilodge.org
Northern - Associate Adviser Vacant northern@unamilodge.org
Roosevelt - Chief Martin Stacey roosevelt@unamilodge.org
Roosevelt - Vice Chief Kevin Kulka roosevelt@unamilodge.org
Roosevelt - Secretary Vacant roosevelt@unamilodge.org
Roosevelt - Adviser Bob Deck roosevelt@unamilodge.org
Roosevelt - Associate Adviser Steven Leopold roosevelt@unamilodge.org
Triune - Chief Emmie Menna triune@unamilodge.org
Triune - Vice Chief Vacant triune@unamilodge.org
Triune - Secretary Vacant triune@unamilodge.org
Triune - Adviser Chris Menna triune@unamilodge.org
Triune - Associate Adviser Angel Sims triune@unamilodge.org
Washington - Chief Star McMackin washington@unamilodge.org
Washington - Vice Chief John Byler washington@unamilodge.org
Washington - Secretary Robbie Raggi washington@unamilodge.org
Washington - Adviser Larry Arinsberg washington@unamilodge.org
Washington - Associate Adviser Jeffrey Klanderman washington@unamilodge.org