Lodge Executive Committee


Positon Name Email
Lodge Chief T.K. Lindsay chief@unamilodge.org
First Vice Chief Martin S. first-vc@unamilodge.org
Second Vice Chief Griffen O. second-vc@unamilodge.org
Secretary Nathan S. secretary@unamilodge.org
Treasurer Paul S. treasurer@unamilodge.org
Lodge Adviser Craig Cless craig.cless@unamilodge.org
Associate Lodge Adviser Todge Sutkowski todge.sutkowski@unamilodge.org
Associate Lodge Adviser Heather McConville heather.mcconville@unamilodge.org
Associate Lodge Adviser Brian Darcas brian.darcas@unamilodge.org
Finance Adviser Gregg Slocum gregg.slocum@unamilodge.org
Lodge Staff Adviser John Bickel staffadviser@unamilodge.org
Supreme Chief of the Fire Daniel Templar supremechief@unamilodge.org

Advisory Board

Positon Name Email
Immediate Past Chief Liam Lynch liam.lynch@unamilodge.org
Strategic Plan Chair Vacant @unamilodge.org
LodgeMaster Administrator Lawrence (Larry) Neibauer larry.neibauer@unamilodge.org
Memorabilia Show Chair Aidan S. memorabilia-show@unamilodge.org
Memorabilia Adviser Paul Bowman memorabilia-show@unamilodge.org
Memorabilia Assoc. Adviser Rhys Wallace memorabilia-show@unamilodge.org
Medical Records Adviser Lee Faden lee.faden@unamilodge.org
Conclave Chair Skye K. conclave@unamilodge.org
Conclave Adviser Thomas Luke conclave@unamilodge.org
Conclave Assoc. Adviser Fred Lynch conclave@unamilodge.org
NOAC Chair Will B. noac@unamilodge.org
NOAC Adviser Matt Gutterman noac@unamilodge.org


Positon Name Email
Chair Andrew S. ordeal@unamilodge.org
Adviser PJ Weidman ordeal@unamilodge.org
Assoc. Adviser Phil Weidman ordeal@unamilodge.org
Assoc. Adviser Meghan Luke ordeal@unamilodge.org
Assoc. Adviser Felicia Menna ordeal@unamilodge.org
Chair Luke S. brotherhood@unamilodge.org
Adviser Fred Lynch brotherhood@unamilodge.org
Assoc. Adviser Alex Horan brotherhood@unamilodge.org
Chair Noah G. ceremonies@unamilodge.org
Vice-Chair Andrew S. ceremonies@unamilodge.org
Adviser Matt Horan ceremonies@unamilodge.org
Assoc. Adviser Scott Mann ceremonies@unamilodge.org
Unit Elections
Chair Samuel E. unitelections@unamilodge.org
Adviser David "Doc" Sirken unitelections@unamilodge.org
Adviser Paul Dallatore unitelections@unamilodge.org
Chair Katherine S. membership@unamilodge.org
Adviser Jeffrey Aster membership@unamilodge.org
Assoc. Adviser Michaela Donnelly membership@unamilodge.org
Assoc. Adviser Lee Faden membership@unamilodge.org
Chair Mara S. events@unamilodge.org
Vice-Chair Sarah H. events@unamilodge.org
Adviser Jason Abiuso events@unamilodge.org
Assoc. Adviser Robert Deck events@unamilodge.org
Assoc. Adviser Alicia Tryon events@unamilodge.org
Chair Ian B. service@unamilodge.org
Vice-Chair John H. service@unamilodge.org
Co-Adviser Jerry Reed service@unamilodge.org
Co-Adviser Dan McDougald service@unamilodge.org
Camp Promotions
Chair Matt Y. camppromotions@unamilodge.org
Vice-Chair Jules F. camppromotions@unamilodge.org
Adviser Vacant camppromotions@unamilodge.org
Assoc. Adviser Vacant camppromotions@unamilodge.org
Chair Aidan S. history@unamilodge.org
Vice-Chair Shane C. history@unamilodge.org
Adviser Rhys Wallace history@unamilodge.org
Assoc. Adviser Phil Hittner history@unamilodge.org
Assoc. Adviser Mike Comfort history@unamilodge.org
American Indian Affairs
Chair Leah C. aia@unamilodge.org
Vice-Chair Andrew S. aia@unamilodge.org
Adviser Scott Mann aia@unamilodge.org
Assoc. Adviser Matt Horan aia@unamilodge.org
Lodge Operations
Chair Sophia C. lodgeoperations@unamilodge.org
Adviser Paul Bowman lodgeoperations@unamilodge.org
Assoc. Adviser Stuart Bowman lodgeoperations@unamilodge.org
Chair Zach G. communications@unamilodge.org
Vice-Chair Vacant communications@unamilodge.org
Adviser David Gibbons communications@unamilodge.org
Assoc. Adviser Zach Cross communications@unamilodge.org
Leadership Development
Chair Matt R. leadershipdevelopment@unamilodge.org
Adviser Mark Chilutti leadershipdevelopment@unamilodge.org
Vigil Honor
Chair Zach K. vigilhonor@unamilodge.org
Adviser Brett Montich vigilhonor@unamilodge.org
Assoc. Adviser Steve Mach vigilhonor@unamilodge.org
Assoc. Adviser Jason Abiuso vigilhonor@unamilodge.org
Unit Representative
Chair Robert R. unitrep@unamilodge.org
Adviser Vacant unitrep@unamilodge.org
Assoc. Adviser Vacant unitrep@unamilodge.org


Positon Name Email
Baden Powell
Chief Johnny M. badenpowell@unamilodge.org
Vice Chief Vacant badenpowell@unamilodge.org
Secretary Luke H. badenpowell@unamilodge.org
Adviser Barry Kauffmann badenpowell@unamilodge.org
Associate Adviser Phil Weidman badenpowell@unamilodge.org
Chief Christopher M. conestoga@unamilodge.org
Vice Chief Vacant conestoga@unamilodge.org
Secretary Vacant conestoga@unamilodge.org
Adviser Wayne Bickford conestoga@unamilodge.org
Associate Adviser Mikayla Bickford conestoga@unamilodge.org
Chief Christopher S. constellation@unamilodge.org
Vice Chief Aidan S. constellation@unamilodge.org
Secretary Noah A. constellation@unamilodge.org
Adviser Thomas Luke constellation@unamilodge.org
Associate Adviser Mike Pilko constellation@unamilodge.org
Chief William G. continental@unamilodge.org
Vice Chief Matthew Y. continental@unamilodge.org
Secretary Vacant continental@unamilodge.org
Adviser Michael Basch continental@unamilodge.org
Associate Adviser Alicia Tryon continental@unamilodge.org
General Nash
Chief Brayden L. generalnash@unamilodge.org
Vice Chief Sarah H. generalnash@unamilodge.org
Secretary Leah C. generalnash@unamilodge.org
Adviser Chris Nagele generalnash@unamilodge.org
Associate Adviser Larry Brasch generalnash@unamilodge.org
Chief Zach G. lafayette@unamilodge.org
Vice Chief of Operations Jaclyn K. lafayette@unamilodge.org
Vice Chief of Elections Marina D. lafayette@unamilodge.org
Secretary Ian B. lafayette@unamilodge.org
Adviser Michael Gilinger lafayette@unamilodge.org
Associate Adviser Brian Darcas lafayette@unamilodge.org
Chief Gabe O. minquas@unamilodge.org
Vice Chief Lucas E. minquas@unamilodge.org
Secretary Sam B. minquas@unamilodge.org
Adviser Glenn Campbell minquas@unamilodge.org
Associate Adviser Mike Penzone minquas@unamilodge.org
Chief Miko K. northern@unamilodge.org
Vice Chief Ryan A. northern@unamilodge.org
Secretary Vacant northern@unamilodge.org
Adviser Peter Amuso northern@unamilodge.org
Associate Adviser Ann Perrone northern@unamilodge.org
Chief Vacant roosevelt@unamilodge.org
Vice Chief Vacant roosevelt@unamilodge.org
Secretary Vacant roosevelt@unamilodge.org
Adviser Matt Horan roosevelt@unamilodge.org
Associate Adviser Bob Deck roosevelt@unamilodge.org
Chief Thomas D. triune@unamilodge.org
Vice Chief Amelia L. triune@unamilodge.org
Secretary Vacant triune@unamilodge.org
Adviser Chris Menna triune@unamilodge.org
Associate Adviser Angel Sims triune@unamilodge.org
Chief Robbie R. washington@unamilodge.org
Vice Chief Alex K. washington@unamilodge.org
Vice Chief Jaqueline H. washington@unamilodge.org
Secretary Aidan P. washington@unamilodge.org
Co-Adviser Michael Evans washington@unamilodge.org
Co-Adviser Andrew Barnett washington@unamilodge.org
Associate Adviser Jeffrey Klanderman washington@unamilodge.org
Associate Adviser Robert Raggi washington@unamilodge.org